Thank you for listening to your heart and wisdom, to work with mine.

Bless Your Healing Bliss,


Dear Past, Present & Future Clients

Thank you for taking the time and heart to share a few words about your experience of working with me. Your voice here can make an incredible difference in helping others make a more informed choice about working with me.

Thank you for trusting me, and your SoulBody Wisdom.


Tyrone Tan​

Chief Headhunter | Father

Coach | Speaker

Alameda, CA

Lisa K.

Senior Technical Recruiter

San Diego, CA

Klaudeen is an absolute mental miracle worker! I have sought Klaudeen’s wisdom and healing through her therapy on many occasions. I have had emotional and physical trauma in my life, that I chose to push deep down and not address. In time, I realized that I absolutely must seek help and Klaudeen was a true empath and healer in my recovery. She is the epitome of warmth and guidance. She has been blessed with her gifts. She helped me realize that things I had gone through in my life, I needed to accept and take ownership of. To forgive myself and help me through the various steps to move forward into a much more fulfilling and happy life. Only someone who has transformed their darkest times of trauma, fear, anxiety, blame, shame, and grief, is strong enough to help others who are not. If you are looking for help in any area of your life, I highly recommend Klaudeen who has helped me get my peace of mind and happiness back!

Ashley A., Teacher & Trainer

Alamo, CA

Klaudeen, I feel so lucky to have found you and feel so honored to work with you. Finding you put an end to a year long search I was on to find spiritual guide, who does all that you do. And you make me laugh all the time! I have a great, thriving career but I still suffer from the impacts of past trauma, abusive relationships, substance abuse issues, and have been getting treated for bipolar 2 disorder for over 20 years. I was so surprised that after just two sessions I noticed subtle but meaningful shifts and behavior changes that make me feel more calm, centered, and confident in my strengths, decisions and capabilities. I feel more in my body and more calm to address my challenges with greater clarity and confidence. I am looking forward to continuing this spiritual healing journey with you.

Nacime, Jordan, Desmond & Kahlel

San Jose, CA

We have the privilege and honor of being friends with none other than the super fabulous, Klaudeen Shemirani. What's even more wonderful is that she officiated our wedding ceremony which was absolutely beautiful, especially because of her truly stunning charm and charisma.

Klaudeen was the most delightful Mistress of Ceremonies and made sure everything was just right. She was there for everything which was not expected but absolutely welcome. From the bridal shower, initial wedding planning, to the vows (oh man, the vows) and also planning out how we'd need to prepare ahead of time. She helped set expectations as to how we might feel and how best to enjoy every blissful moment. How to breathe, pause and just take it all in. Her guidance and insight was priceless.

Klaudeen is a mix of spiritual, beautiful, whimsical and fun, goddess energy all packed into one darling human being. She also project managed the heck out of everything, from the DJ to the guests and it was so desperately needed. It was like Klaudeen had done this 1,000 times but she made it so easy and fun.

Because Klaudeen is such a special person, she was an integral part of the bridal shower and was so thoughtful to honor the mother of the bride. This touched our hearts and will stay with us forever. It was an incredible day and she created a gorgeous shrine with flowers, candles and things that are near and dear to us. She also created the most magical flower and wisdom ceremony, where each guest bestowed their well wishes, tips for a successful marriage and works of wisdom. Nothing short of amazing!

Klaudeen created a very smart wedding agenda which we adhered to because it was perfectly crafted. She ensured the ceremony started with a special pause and other things you'd just have to experience on your own as words cannot fully capture the beauty and magic of her words and the moments she created.

She also had some surprises up her sleeve which made the ceremony and vows whimsical and lovely. She thoughtfully addressed the guests and included our mothers in her opening words and speaking of--she has SUCH a way with words that commands the room in a gorgeous way. We loved that Klaudeen also incorporated our boys into the ceremony via a beautiful candle lighting that we all participated in and enjoyed.

These are memories, moments and photos we will cherish for the rest of our lives and we are eternally grateful for Klaudeen.

Klaudeen, you are a true gift and a gem of a person. We will always consider you a part of our family and be eternally grateful for your beautiful spirit. Thank you for everything and for making our day one we will never forget.

With love and admiration,

Nacime, Jordan, Desmond and Kahlel

Dr. Jennifer Smith, Cht.

Intuitive Healing Coach, Boulder, CO

Klaudeen is extremely talented at what she does. She is one of the most effective, powerful healers I have ever worked with. She seems to have such an incredible ability to listen from deep within to exactly what I am needing, on a somatic, emotional, energetic and mental level. After my first session with her I was blown away by the beautiful gifts that began manifesting in my life the following day! They were the exact intentions we had set during our session. Since I have been working with Klaudeen I have experienced such wonderful blessings that I am still reaping the rewards of now 9 months later. I enthusiastically refer her to friends and am so grateful to have crossed paths with such a wonderful woman who makes me feel so loved, appreciated, and honored every time I am in her presence. She has such a strong connection to The Divine it is no wonder she is so capable of facilitating such amazing grace in my life.

John Blevens

Strategic Account Manager, San Francisco

My name is John Blevens from San Francisco, CA. My partner and I were incredibly blessed to be referred to Klaudeen in September of 2017. Both of us have had several issues regarding intimacy, especially myself. We had tried many different avenues of counseling, healing and had hit a brick wall, until Klaudeen. My experience from Klaudeen has been nothing short of a miracle. I have found that one person that I can trust and really let her help me begin the healing process. My issues run deep and had been covered up by years of substance abuse and any possible way to ignore the root issue. After the very first appointment, I felt an instant connection to Klaudeen and felt extremely comfortable with her. Since the first appointment and several after, I am in a much better place and have begun the process of healing from the deepest darkest issues that I have. Although this is a work in progress, I now feel like I have a path to healing and I look forward to every new day. Klaudeen is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone.

Richard P.

Business Owner, San Francisco & San Jose

First and foremost, Klaudeen is the most loving, caring, compassionate, bubbly bundle of absolute amazingness I have ever come across not only in a therapist kind of way, but at the basic level of human connection. My partner and I are a gay couple who met Klaudeen back in September of 2017 when we were at the lowest point of our relationship and didn’t know how to move past the hurt, painful feelings that we both bestowed upon each other. As you can imagine being in a male/male relationship brings its own set of challenges that are unique.

We committed working with Klaudeen for the long haul and purchased a package for 6 months…here we go! We actually felt excited and nervous at the same time when we went for our first visit. Klaudeen greeted us with a warm embrace and infectious smile as we walked into our session. Needless to say, we walked out of there feeling absolutely jazzed and ready to continue working on ourselves and each other without hesitation. I mean we were on track to end our relationship if we didn’t have an intervention of some sort…well here it was, Klaudeen!

We continued to see Klaudeen over the next several months and seriously, our relationship is 1,000% better! Sure we still have work to do and may fall back into old patterns, but we are sure to recognize it and are able to communicate with each other in a positive, loving way and understand that our sensitive nature plays a big part of how we “be” with each other. Just absolute amazing work, seriously, just amazing! Love!

Dr. Michelle Paul

Organizational Psychology, Washington DC

Even across our 3,000-mile phone coaching session, Klaudeen - through her expert auditory and energetic instruction - guided me to identify my intentions and the location of those intentions within my three-dimensional energetic space. I benefited from this spatial and somatic exercise as it helped me forge a stronger connection to my intentions and strengthen my resolve in the face of my obstacles.

During our coaching session, Klaudeen simultaneously honored the uniqueness of my challenges and the universal qualities of my triggers and needs. I believe her ability to balance these forces while still providing me the space I needed to let my mind/ego step aside and connect with my intuition was key to the benefits I experienced from partnering with her. I experienced immediate support, practical help, and a sense of belonging in this frequently daunting life journey we are all on.

A. Anderson

MFT, Palo Alto, CA

Klaudeen, I have tremendous respect and admiration for you. You helped transform and open me up. It was one of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had, and I am so grateful! I would be honored to work with you again. You are a bright radiant light, absolutely amazing!! I am inspired to write and create. I was ready, and you were present. You really saw me, which is more precious than all the jewels in the world! Anyway, I could write a book to you, easily. Please know I appreciate YOU. Your HEART is so open, loving and strong. I work and connect with many people, and there is no one with a heart as pure as Yours!

Shima Alaghemand

Mother of Cancer Patient, Belmont

You will never find a more gifted soul healer. With complete clarity and almost superhuman insight Klaudeen is able to instantly "see" and understand the deepest possible levels of a person's pain. Klaudeen realizes the "how" & "why" of all such difficulties, and this alone gives the feeling that she knows you better than you know yourself. Talking to Klaudeen is like talking to the truth of your soul, and her abilities closely resembles those of an "all-knowing" power.

Yet this not even the best part of her work. Klaudeen can take your pain, your karma-anything that is disempowering or negative in your life. I have seen and felt this many times, both in myself and in other people healed by her. The best thing you can do for yourself is experience Klaudeen's divine energy & power.

N. Ledgerwood

Family Law Attorney, Sunnyvale

Words cannot express the gratitude I felt to the honesty that was experienced in my session with Klaudeen. I pride myself on being conscious but, of course, there are parts that get forgotten, with life being so busy. Klaudeen brought consciousness to parts that I forget about and truly neglect. I feel blessed to have had her time and experience her ability to read my body. Hopefully you will be so fortunate to have the same experience with her.

Nina Larkin

Marriage Family Therapist, Campbell

Klaudeen's deep insights combined with her warmth and calming energy create a magical sacred space to facilitate a healing experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in creating a positive shift in their life.

Dr. Therese Walsh-Van Keuren

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Los Gatos

Klaudeen’s work is so utterly unique, it is hands on bodywork, but so much more. It is transformation, through touch, through presence, through prayer. Klaudeen’s bodywork is a prayer to the body, a prayer to health and wholeness in the form of touch and ritual. It is the most restorative kind of hands on bodywork I have ever had.

H. Eshaghi

Website Designer & Artist San Francisco

Anyone who has ever had a chance to be in Klaudeen’s circle would testify without hesitation that she has made a big difference in their lives. I've asked for Klaudeen’s help for different issues through many years, family, health, work, etc. No counselor comes close to what she has done for me, and my family. She soars high as a natural healer with strong insight in down-to-earth and day-to-day issues. Her intuitive approach has left marks in my life that goes far beyond our one-hour sessions. I highly recommend her.

E. Khalily

Engineer, Los Altos

A great combination of healing, relaxation, and spiritual journey. I feel totally transformed, refreshed, relaxed and at peace. Klaudeen puts her heart in everything she does, always with a smile, care, love, total presence and positive energy.

Dr. Setareh Moafi

Classical Chinese Medicine

Yin Yoga Teacher Santa Clara

Klaudeen goes above and beyond my expectations in every session I have with her, leaving me to feel both empowered and calm. She has an amazing capacity to listen, connect and offer guidance in a way that illuminates your strengths and bring clarity to even the most difficult situations. Klaudeen shines so much light wherever she goes and brings that light into each session she offers.

As a colleague and dear friend, I am grateful to this extraordinary human being for helping me, and so many others more fully experience our potential through the extraordinary work that she does.

Shiva F.

Cancer Patient, Heavenly Angel, Belmont

I can't even begin to describe the impact Klaudeen has had on my life. Two and a half years ago at the age of 29 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. My life was turned upside down. At an extremely difficult time in my life God brought an angel to me. With patience, acceptance, and love Klaudeen brought me out of a dark place and showed me the beauty of life.

Her positive energy is contagious. My husband always knows when I've had a session with Klaudeen. He always says my energy is brighter when he comes home after a Klaudeen session. Her words ring in my ears everyday. She has been my healer, my counselor, my confidante, my teacher, a family therapist and most importantly my friend. Klaudeen holds a very special place in my heart. I don't know how I could have made it this far without her. Anyone would be blessed to have her in their lives. Thank you Klaudeen for all you have done!


Registered Nurse, University of San Francisco

There is not enough words to describe how incredibly caring and healing Klaudeen is. She has made such a difference in my life and in the lives of my dear family members. When I was applying for graduate nursing programs and awaiting my fate, I had several sessions with Klaudeen where she taught me incredible skills of visualization and positive affirmations, and helped me to reach my goals. For that and so much more, I am thankful to have her in my life. I would highly recommend everyone to see Klaudeen!

Angela Moreira

Yoga Instructor, Fremont, CA

I always have a transformational experience with Klaudeen when I go to her for either a massage or to receive spiritual guidance. I believe she's a woman who has a strong commitment with her own journey. It's a blessing to have her guidance and support.

Melissa C.

Happy Mom & Free Spirit, San Diego

My one-on-one meditation time with Klaudeen was profound. I was able to open up spiritually and emotionally--something that I didn't do for a long time. She is a wonderful listener and asked me all the right questions. As for the healing session, she did a fabulous job! I felt so relaxed and rested because she took the time to honor my aching back and all the physical and emotional tensions that came with it.