Spiritual Relationship Healer

Trauma-to-Dharma & Meditation Life Coach

Public Speaking Healer & Coach

Mental & Emotional Health Advocate

Ordained Minister

Self-Care Accountability Buddy Life Coach

Klaudeen Shemirani is a Spiritual Healer, Transformational Life Coach & an Ordained Minister, born in Santa Clara, California, to a Mexican-American-Native-American Mother, and an Iranian-born father, who have been instrumental in her spiritual, healing journey with the influences of religious, cultural, familial, ancestral, sexual, and mental-emotional distress and trauma.

While Klaudeen is regarded by her family, peers and clients as a modern day healer, a spiritual therapist, and an intuitive relationship-communications coach, Klaudeen sees herself more as an "Open Heart Alchemist" and a "Seer of the Divine" who holds safe, loving presence for people who are longing to remember, trust and reconnect with their embodied Divine Guidance, or what she also calls, SoulBody Wisdom, accessed by one's unique i-GPS” (inner-Guidance Portal System).

Klaudeen is also an ordained minister and loves to co-create and officiate wedding, memorial and rites of passage ceremonies. She is sought out for her uplifting, all-welcoming, healing presence, and her intuition to facilitate meaningful, but uncomfortable, necessary (mind-body) conversations around honesty, integrity, shame, blame, guilt, forgiveness, needs, desires and worthiness--between one's self, and their relationship to others.

Klaudeen is also the Creator of SoulBody Wisdom--Coaching, Healing & Rituals and Shimmy Shaman Dance Rituals, founded in 2011, working with young and elder women, and couples, who are wanting something beyond traditional therapy to help them make healing, meaning, beauty and dharma, out of the alchemy of their karma, drama, and trauma. Since 2017, Klaudeen has also been a transformational public speaking trainer and healer for "Yes, You Can Speak!"--one of the most of life-changing public speaking training courses in the world, created by her spiritual mentor and soul sister--Lynn Kirkham.

Klaudeen has also spent many years dedicated to the spiritual and sexual healing and empowerment of girls, women and mothers, investing nearly 20 years of combined research and practice to help crack the code of women’s relationship to negative self-esteem, body-image, self-care and self-worth—starting with herself. It was stumbling upon the world of childhood, cultural, spiritual, ancestral and womanhood trauma, that changed the course of her corporate career life, after 12 years in Silicon Valley in high tech public relations and corporate communications.

Klaudeen received her Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in the field of Peace & Conflict Studies, and her Master’s degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, in a specialized field of Women’s Spirituality, with a focus on ancient shamanism, sacred sexuality, and sacred dance and movement. Klaudeen has also trained in trauma healing and coaching at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, the Strozzi Institute and recently completed a 2 year intensive training at the Hakomi Institute of California. Klaudeen is also seasoned Reiki Healer, and a Seer of the Divine.