S O U L B O D Y  S E R V I C E S


P R I V A T E  S E S S I O N S,  C E R E M O N I E S  a n d  E V E N T S 

Private sessions are available via Office Visits, Zoom, or House-visits for an additional fee.

Rates vary depending on frequency of visits, type of program and per prior communication.

Sliding-scale and payment plan options are available for clients in need, who initiate this request. 


I am here to serve both the privileged and privileged, per my capacity and with discernment to balance the flow and exchange of energy. Much of my time is already dedicated to pro bono assignments, but I still do my best to offer discounted rates for those who take the initiative to explain their circumstances, share what their capacity and plan for payment are, and demonstrate a genuine interest and commitment to their healing journey.

W H O  I S  S O U L B O D Y  W I S D O M , H E A L I N G  &  R I T U A L S  F O R ?

Most of my clients are women between the ages of 25-65 needing a safe, welcoming and nurturing space, to easily relax, reconnect and remember the gift, beauty and power that they are. I help clients feel what they are trying to heal, speak what has been suppressed,  and access a level inner guidance that  is clear, kind, intelligent and trustworthy--from the subtle body.  


 Clients experience enough inner spaciousness to access relief and inner their wisdom around feeling stuck, disconnected, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and confused, Many come to address mother-father-ancestral wounds around shame, guilt, abandonment, self-care, self-image, approval, protection, power, self-expression and self-worth.

My speciality embodies holistic healing, self-care practices, and monthly/weekly rituals (sessions) to help them reconnect, realign, and nourish their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health and healing goals  (beyond traditional therapy and counseling). Some come to find meaning, purpose and guidance out of their pain and suffering. And some simply come to replenish their sense of wholeness, divinity, self-worth, higher-self, and well-being.

I offer and integrate different mind-body healing modalities such as compassion-based mindfulness and meditation practices, somatic experiencing and Hakomi-influenced healing approaches, spiritual guidance, energy-work/reiki, conflict mediation, and meaningful, sacred rituals tailored to each person's unique journey, needs, goals, intentions, and prayers. I work with diverse faiths, including goddess and earth based spirituality, buddhism, and the Abrahamic religions.

I N D I V I D U A L  S O U L B O D Y  D I S C O V E R Y  S E S S I O N S

This is a prerequisite session for first-time clients who want to deepen their SoulBody Journey with me with a long-term commitment.


First-time clients are usually ready and willing to invest in the next stage of their spiritual evolution, by addressing limiting patterns, habits and beliefs, as well as naming and embodying their prayers (or goals), on a daily basis. They are also in a place that is open to seeking and embracing the beauty, wisdom, meaning and “medicine” of their challenges, suffering, fears and dreams, with practical-to-magical, forward-moving steps that are inspiring, sustainable and supported. 


This session has been compared to the experience of having a "re-birth" or sense of renewal or hopeful resolution, through different healing modalities of energy work and mindfulness. The intention of this session is to help the client feel more clear, present, curious, compassionate, empowered and embodied around their emotional distress, challenges and/or loss, so that they can leverage and integrate it as part of their spiritual and holistic growth opportunity.


The session can include activities such as; intention setting, meditation, mindfulness coaching, ceremonial rituals, energy work, shamanic bodywork, divination readings, transmission-gazing, somatic cuddle therapy, crystal bowl therapy, spiritual guidance, self-worth healing rituals, and accountability support -- all to help deepen and/or reconnect one's relationship to their inner world of sovereignty, peace, integrity, beauty, clarity and confidence in who they are and what is possible to co-create.



  • Comprehensive in-take form

  • 2-2.5 hour in-person session (recommended monthly or seasonally)

  • One coaching assignment for integration process

  • Two follow-up calls (15 min each)

  • Sliding scale: $450-$275 (payment due after first session)


  • Session includes 75-min session (recommended weekly or bi-weekly)

  • One coaching assignment for integration

  • One follow-up coaching call (15 min)

  • Sliding scale: $250-$180



  • 10 session hours for $1,500 (advanced-payment); Each session is 75min-90-min; Session hours must be completed within 3 months of initial session.

  • Phone/text support between sessions

  • This offer is available to those who have completed a SoulBody Discovery Session 


  • Sacred Ceremony Events for weddings, funerals, healing, rites of passage initiations and celebrations. Starting at $500.

  • Healing conflict & mediation for family, parents and relationships. 

  • Please call to discuss

C O U P L E 'S  C O N N E C T I O N   S E S S I O N

Session Includes:

  • 90-min Breakthrough-Intake session

  • Optional follow-up call to each individual

  • More information if you would like to commit to more sparkle in your relationship

  • Rates vary depending on frequency of visits, and type of program.

  • Please call to discuss or customize your session

What to expect out of your first session:

  • A warm and welcoming space to reconnect/reset with your partner in a meaningful way

  • More clarity on where you are now in your relationship, and what you are wanting to cultivate, heal, grow, and/or create

  • More clarity on your readiness, openness, and desires for deeper intimacy, trust and connection

  • A better understanding how deep, slow, or fast you want to go with your relationship goals

  • Clarity around whether or not we are strong match to work together

S A C R E D  C E R E M O N I E S  &  H E A L I N G  R I T U A L S 

  • Weddings, Births, Funerals, Memorials, Celebrations, Women's Rites of Passages​

  • New Home Clearings & Blessings​

  • Women's Rituals for Personal Healing, Rebirthing and Reclaiming

  • Honoring Grief, Loss, Miscarriages and Abortions, Desires, and Prayers, Spiritual Health Emergencies, Life Transitions, Sexual/Emotional Trauma, Mother-Father Wounding, Trauma-Dharma journeys

  • Please call to discuss


F A M I L Y  H E A L I N G / M E D I A T I O N  C I R C L E S

No body comes into the world with a clear manual on how to connect and communicate with our loved ones, especially in today's world when many of us already struggle with connecting with ourselves.  And when there is a communication breakdown it can be emotionally costly without the proper tools to repair and heal. It can shut us down, fracture trust, and damage our self-esteem and confidence--as a partner, lover, parent, child or family.


What to expect from a session:

  • Initial Consultation

  • 90-120 min session & follow-up

  • A warm and welcoming "safe space" to reconnect/reset with your partner/family in a meaningful way

  • A deeper understanding what the other feels and needs

  • More compassion, patience and forgiveness for self and other

  • Next-Steps and collaborative homework


H E A L I N G  R I T U A L S  &  S A C R E D  C E R E M O N I E S

Women's Rituals for Personal Healing, Rebirthing and More

  • Honoring Grief, Loss, Divorce, Miscarriages and Abortions, Desires, and Prayers, Spiritual Health Emergencies, Life Transitions, Sexual/Emotional Trauma, Mother-Father Wounding, Addictions, and Trauma-Dharma Journeys.

  • All genders may participate and personalize

Local Weddings, Births, Funerals, Memorials, Celebrations, Women's Rites of Passages

  • Phone consultation included to discuss details and planning


Home Blessings &  Clearings

  • Phone consultation included to discuss details and planning

T E E N  W I S D O M  C O A C H I N G, H E A L I N G  &  M E N T O R I N G

For Academic, Peer and Emotional Stress, Self-esteem and Confidence

Writing services for Academic Goals and University Admissions 

  • 10 session hours for $1,250 (advanced-payment); Session are 1 hour each

  • Available for brief text/phone support between sessions

  • Please ask if you need additional support or assistance

  • This offer is available to those who have completed a SoulBody Discovery Session 


E F F E C T I V E  C O R P O R A T E   C O M M U N I C T I O N S

  • Customized programs for cultivating effective, collaborative and confident (ECC) communication skills for speaking, connecting, conflict management, negotiation, authentic presence, and employee empowerment

  • Private sessions and workshops for executives and management teams wanting to boost their speaking presence, overcome anxiety and concerns, and improve body language