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My name is Klaudeen Arezue Shemirani, and I am the creator, lover, and mother of Soul:Body Wisdom.


When people ask, "Who do you help," I answer, "People looking for help, relief, and meaningful guidance around their longing, trauma, anxiety, grief, addiction, a health crisis, family conflict, etc.


When people ask what is it that I do, I say, "I help people feel and deal, so they can let go, heal and move forward with greater wisdom, confidence, gratitude and trust." 


Soul:Body Wisdom is an inner resource of healing and insight that I help people practice accessing.


It is my belief that when we allow ourselves time and space to settle, relax and feel beyond the thinking mind, we can find our way to greater healing, resolution, peace and purpose so much quicker, and with holistic (mind-body-spirit) integrity. 


Many of us carry supressed stress and memories from childhood neglect or trauma, or from unhealed painful events that unconsciously shape how we respond or react to life, stress, fear, and expressing our authentic self. Our relationship to emotional power, authority, responsibilty, duties, stability, feeling safe, feeling loved, feeling seen, and feeling a sense of belonging all carry triggers that can either break us down and hold us back, or break us open so we can move forward.


Essentially, the intentions of Soul:Body Wisdom is to help the client practice, experience and integrate one's unique way of self-empowerment and self-mastery by turning:


  • "triggers into teachers"

  • "conflict into peace" 

  • "scars into stars"

  • "wounds into wisdom"

  • "suppression into authentic expression"

  • "fear into faith" 

  • "weaknesses into strengths"

  • "dark into light"

  • "blocks into inspiration"

  • "losses into gains"

  • "anger into fuel"

  • "worries into prayers"

  • "joy into service"

  • "pleasure into purpose"



This pathway of healing is not for everyone. However it is for someone who feels a natural resonance with my background and intentions, and feels ready and courageous to dive into their emotional wisdom, of pain and pleasure, to guide their journey. 


Thank you for taking time with me to explore your options for spiritual support, growth and healing. It would be my joy and honor to help you experience the healing messages and guidance of your soul:body wisdom.


Blessings of love and peace to you, and to all,


Klaudeen Shemirani













My name is Klaudeen Arezue Shemirani, and I am the creator, lover, and mother of this healing work I call, Soul:Body Wisdom.


Here is a some information to get you familiar with my healing practice and holistic approach. The rest will come from personal, direct experience and an intuitive gut.



Soul:Body Wisdom is how I describe the healing clarity, inspiration, insight, confidence, and renewal that clients often experience and expess after a session. 


Soul:Body Wisdom is often birthed out of transforming different manifestations of discomfort, fear and distractions (conflict, pain, shame, blame, fear, suppression, ego and/or shadow) into fuel for healing and growth. 


Soul:Body Wisdom can also be birthed out of listening to a deeper hunger, longing or calling, including dreams, desires and prayers.


Soul:Body Wisdom is the collective wise voice and messenger of the mind, heart-body that one can experience when the three have more time and space to settle, organize, connect, merge, and speak, with the intention of moving forward with action that is in alignment with one's wisest self.  



A customized Soul:Body Wisdom session or program with me can include:


Emotional Balancing

Holistic Massage * Energy-Medicine

Spiritual Intuitive Guidance* Coaching Support 

Somatic Awareness * Sound/Voice Healing

Intention Ceremonies and Rituals 

Access to Shimmy Shaman Circles 

Womb Wisdom Teachings




















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Thank you for visiting me here. I trust our paths will connect in divine timing.


Blessings of peace to you, and to all,




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