My Story

                            From Corporate Communication to Holistic Healing 

Prior to my private healing practice, the first 13 years of my career life was working for leading high-tech and semiconductor companies, and clients, such as, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi and NEC Electronics America.

I had various communication roles in corporate communications, public relations, community relations and human resources. And I was fortunate to always be surrounded by talented communication experts and mentors (all women!), and always did well in the field.


At the same time, I secretly suffered and stressed at how hard it was to keep up, shut up, and keep doing more and more, for less and less. I always felt overwhelmed, not enough, always stretched, always rushing and always guilty. And at the same time, I was very grateful for my amazing job and teams—and attached to my juicy paychecks!


I also lived with a lot of (unknown) anxiety around not doing the work I felt I was “meant to be” doing—even though I did not know what that was yet.


Back then I did not know my anxiety and depression (childhood trauma) was hidden and buried in long term bouts of confusion, doubt, fear, freeze, shame, addiction, escapism, perfectionism, over-working, insomnia, body dysmorphia, dieting, people-pleasing (“Good Daughter Syndrome”), sacrificing, and helping and rescuing others.


This ultimately took a serious toll on my health, but it was also the catalyst that got me on the path of reclaiming my health—my holistic health and joy:


My healing crisis opened the door for me to take a magical 3-month trip to southern India where I was a patient in a documentary about ayurvedic medicine.


After India, I went through some kind of "death-rebirth" process that included a lot of loss, disappointments, anxiety, addictions, and despair. I got laid off from a job I had for 8 years. I was stuck in a loving but unhealthy co-dependent relationship and didn't know it. And I  battled a frightening foreclosure fiasco for 3 years. And there was a moment in this nightmare bubble where I was diagnosed with several medical issues and prescribed medication that I was too afraid to take. In this dark abyss, I managed to save my home,  start and complete grad school, and create a beautiful, part-time healing practice in the Bay Area.


In hindsight, my childhood and ancestral trauma (anxiety/depression/ADD/etc), was buried, and somewhat what “controlled,” under a stressful, busy, expensive lifestyle and important “roles” I felt I had to maintain and perform.


In hindsight, facing my hidden shadows and pain, and learning to love them, was my initiation into becoming a healer, and my initiation into believing I could create a meaningful and beautiful life that honors my values, my gifts, my joy, and my hopes for the world--while helping others do the same.


My story has evolved into a mission to create safe, sacred spaces and rituals to help women and girls feel, heal, release, and honor their pain, power, desires. I believe if you give a woman space to deeply feel, listen, express, and honor her body and emotions, it will cultivate and inform her how to navigate through life with greater clarity, confidence, authenticity, meaning, and fulfillment. 


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