Services are available via Office Visits and Skype, or House-visits for an additional fee.


Alternative payment plans are available. Please see below for details.


New clients complete an in-take form prior to session to

determine if SoulBody Wisdom services are a complimentary match for the individual.



S O U L B O D Y  W I S D O M   D I V E - I N  S E S S I O N

The SoulBody Wisdom Dive-In Session is a prerequisite session for first time clients. First-time clients are usually feeling ready and willing to face and address their deeper concerns, fears, patterns, addictions, and prayers/goals in a "breakthrough" kind of way. Clients are also in a place that is open to embracing the beauty, wisdom and meaning of their challenges, suffering, fears and dreams, with forward-moving steps that are inspiring, sustainable and supported. 


Session Includes:

  • Comprehensive in-take form

  • 2.5 hour in-person session

  • One coaching assignments for integration process

  • Two follow-up coaching calls

  • Sliding scale: $275-$450 

  • Payment options available

  • Please ask if you need additional support or assistance


This session has been compared to the experience of having a "re-birth" or sense of renewal or hopeful resolution through integrating different healing modalities of energywork, soulcare and mindfulness. The intention of this session is to help the client feel more clear, present, compassionate, grateful and empowered toward their emotional distress, challenges and/or loss so that they can leverage it as an opportunity for growth, healing and inspired living.


The session, as with most sessions, can include activities such as; intention setting/ritual, energywork, shamanic bodywork and divinations, transmission-gazing, somatic awareness practices, crystal bowl therapy, spiritual guidance, self-care healing rituals, accountability support and mindfulness coaching to help one deepen or reconnect one's relationship to inner peace, integrity, clarity and confidence.



S o u l : B o d y  T u n e - U p  S e s s i o n

Session includes:

  • 75-min session

  • One coaching assignment for integration

  • One phone follow-up coaching call

  • Sliding scale: $150-$275

  • Please ask if you need additional support or assistance



S o u l : B o d y  W i s d o m  P a c k a g e  s e s s i o n s

  • 10 session hours for $1,250 (advanced-payment); Each session is 90-min minimum

  • Phone/text support between sessions

  • This offer is available to those who have completed the pre-requisite of an initial 

     Soul:Body Dive-In Session  (as mentioned above)


T E E N  W i s d o m  H e a l i n g  &  M e n t o r i n g 

For Academic, Peer and Emotional Stress, Self-esteem and Confidence

Writing services for Academic Goals and University Admissions

  • 10 session hours for $1,250 (advanced-payment) 

  • Available for text/phone support between sessions 

  • Please ask if you need additional support or assistance



S A C R E D  C E R E M O N I E S  &  H E A L I N G  R I T U A L S 

Weddings, Funerals, Memorials, Healing Relations, Rites of Passage Initiations and Celebrations. 

  • Starting at $450. 

  • Please call to discuss.

Healing conflict & mediation for family, parents and relationships.

  • Starting at $350.

  • Please call to discuss.



F i n a n c i a l  S u p p o r t

I am here to serve both the privileged and under priviledged, per my capacity and with discernment to balance the flow of energy.


I do my best to offer discounted rates for those who (1) take the initiative to explain their circumstances, (2) share what their capacity/plan for payment are, and (3) demonstrate a genuine interest and commitment to their healing journey.









Serving the South Bay & Peninsula

Zooms & In Person VisitS 

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