Eternal Gratitude Dedicated To All My Teachers & Healers


I give special, eternal gratitude and praise to all my teachers, coaches and mentors who are simply too many name. From the Cosmic Om to Mother Nature, to my mother and father, and all my ancestors, angels and guides, all my family, my sisters, soul sisters, soul contracts, pet companions, to my platonic and romantic relationships, colleagues and clients, strangers and acquaintances. And of course to the healers, teachers, mentors, guides, medicine wo/men, and organizations who have greatly influenced, inspired, supported and nurtured my vocation and life purpose around holistic healing, relationship healing, sacred sexuality, spirituality, sacred dance, integrated self-awareness, embodied self-expression, and compassionate loving presence:

In alphabetical order—and a life-time-work-in-progress

Alan Watts, Zen Teacher & Philosopher

Adina Rivers, Founder of My Tiny Secrets & Life-Scientist

Amanda Elo'esh, M.A., Spiritual Teacher, Shaman and Creator of the Living Wisdom School

Dandapani, Ex Monk and Entrepreneur

Dr. Caroline Myss, Medical Intuitive, Master Teacher, Author and Speaker

Dr. Gabor Maté, Physician and Expert in Trauma Healing and Childhood Development

Dr. Jaya Pancholy, Founder of Natural Traditions, Doctor of Energy Medicine

Dr. Setareh Moafi, L.Ac. and Yoga Instructor, Mind-Body-Spirit Teacher

Dr. Shakti Malan, Tantric Teacher and Social Anthropologist

Dr. Therese Walsh Van-Keuren, L.Ac.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Master Teacher

Elizabeth Cruz, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

Ellen DeGeneres, Comedian, LGBTQ Activist, Philanthropist

Esther Perel, Relationship Badass, Psyschotherapist and Speaker

Gary Zukav, Master Spiritual Teacher

Gabrielle Roth, Shaman, Founder of 5Rhythm Movement Practice

Giulia Divina, Spiritual Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

Jo Miller, Author, Women's Leadership Speaker & Life Coach (My First Coach!)

John Bradshaw, Counselor, Educator and Speaker

Jessica Colp, Life Coach

Kelly Mizner, Integrated Nutrition Coach, Educator and Creative Intuitive

Louise Hay, Master Teacher and Healer

Lynn Kirkham, Master Public Speaking Coach and Founder of, Yes, You Can Speak!

Malala Yousafzai, Activist for Female Education, Nobel Prize laureate

Marianne Williamson, Spiritual Author and Lecturer

Marlies Cocheret De La Morninière, Spiritual Teacher

Marta Maria, M.A, Spiritual Teacher & Channeler, MFT

Maya Angelou, Poet, Civil Rights Activist

Mother Teresa, True Servant to Love, Roman Catholic Nun and Missionary

Nicole Daedone, Founder of OneTaste

Nita Rubio, Master Teacher of Tantric Dance of Feminine Power

Noëlle Morris, Integrative Body Awareness and Somatic Experiencing Practioner

Oprah Winfrey, Spiritual Teacher and Catalyst, Global Goddess & Philanthropist

Parth Savla, NLP Coach, Connector and Founder of The We Source Space

Psalm Isadora, Spiritual Tantra Teacher

Sadhguru, Badass Yogi and Mystic

Selwa Said, Effective Communication & Relationship Building

Salvador Cefalu, L.Ac.,Traditional Japanese Meridian Therapy & Classical Chinese Medicine

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Steve Hoskinson, Master Teacher of Somatic Experiencing

Strozzi Institute

Susy C. Marks, Creator of UJAM Fitness

Tabby Biddle, Women's Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author

Thích Nhất Hạnh, Buddhist Monk and Peace Activist

Tony Robins, Life Coach

UC Berkeley, Peace and Conflict Studies Program

Vajra Ma, Creator and Master Teacher of Tantric Dance of Feminine Power

Vicki Noble, Shamanic Healer, Author, Feminist and Professor

Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mind Valley, Game Changer

Wendy Faith Rivka, Yogini, Healer, Lover, Dancer, Singer and Angel in Heaven

Women's Spirituality Faculty & Cohort Sisters from Sofia University (formerly ITP)

Yogi Cameron, Yogi, Teacher and Speaker

  ********And Gratitude to My Mother, Father, All My Ancestors********

******Sacred Sisters, Sound Healing, Music, Vibration and Stillness*******

***********Mother Earth, God, Goddess, Allah, Gaia, Buddha*************

******* Holy Mother, Divine Father, Universe...*********

Or as the Poet Rumi says, "The Beloved One."