What is SoulBody Wisdom?

SoulBody Wisdom is an inner journey of healing, coaching and/or ceremonies that I take people on to reset and express the mind, body, spirit and heart, especially when addressing a major life challenge or spiritual growth opportunity. In this space, one can cultivate greater self-awareness, authenticity, healing, presence, compassion and wiser choices that can nourish and strengthen one's spirit and wisdom to rise, shine and move forward.



How do I know if SoulBOdy Wisdom is for me?


SoulBody Wisdom attracts those who are seeking a more holistic way to heal, address, explore, empower, and/or experience life challenges and growth opportunities that are possible when working with me.


Life Challenges and Growth Opportunities can include:



  • Family Crisis, Conflict, Divorce, Transitions, Peer Pressure, Abuse of Power and Boundaries


  • Health Crisis, Spiritual Awakening with Life, Death, Rebirth


  • Cultural-Social-Family-Academic-Religious Pressure, Expectations, Roles, Duties


  • Emotional-Mental Stressors and Triggers that Disempower Relationships and Health, i.e.,


  • Trauma,  Loss, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Grief, Guilt; Inability to Trust, Forgive, Let go


  • Escapism, Shame, Anger, Guilt, Resentment, Secrets, Supression, Loneliness (emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual, physical)


  • egative Self-Image and Self-Talk, Identity Crisis; Difficulty with Speaking the Truth and Being Yourself



What are possible outcomes I might experience with SoulBody Wisdom healing & Coaching?


  • Sense of Renewal, Rebirth, Balance, Clarity, Reboot, Renewed Energy, Inspiration or Hope


  • Healthier Self-Expression and Relationships


  • Peace and Conflict Resolution, Forgiveness, Closure, Healing


  • Clearer and More Confident About How to Move Forward 


  • Spiritual Insight, Meaning, Guidance, Motivation, Fulfillment


  • Deeper Sense of Acceptance, Self-Acceptance, Inner Peace, Trust


  • Stronger Integrity, Self-Care Rituals, Intuition, Self-Respect


  • Feeling More Safe, Stable and Secure/Confident from the Inside-Out



What Services Can you Include in a customized session? 


  • Emotional Healing & Chakra Balancing


  • Holistic Bodywork & Energy-Medicine


  • Intuitive Guidance & Sound/Voice Healing


  • Self-care Rituals & Lifestyle Coaching Support


  • Somatic Awareness & Mindfulness 


  • Accountability/Integrity Coaching Support


  • Intention Ceremonies and Healing Rituals 


  • Access to Shimmy Shaman Circles & Support Groups


  • Womb Wisdom Teachings


  • Divination Readings


  • Home Clearings & Blessings



What Kind of Healing Ceremonies Do you Offer


  • Weddings & Showers

  • Funerals & Memorials

  • Rites of Passages (honoring diverse womanhood stages, such as beginning of menstruation, menopause, devotional union) 



Serving the South Bay & Peninsula

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